Windjammer Wreck Site
A shallow wreck dive, The Windjammer Site, has long been thought by some to be a steamer and called the "Steel Wreck", "French Wreck" or "Dutch Wreck", but actually is an iron-hulled, ship-rigged sailing vessel. Originally named KILLEAN and renamed by new owners several times sank with the name AVANTI in 1907. AVANTI was last owned by the Norwegian company C. Zernichow & O. Gotaas. Like many turn-of-the-century windjammers, AVANTI competed with steam ships and carried mostly bulk cargos. AVANTI sank on Loggerhead Reef, Dry Tortugas on January 21, 1907, while in route from Pensacola to Montevideo, Uruguay with lumber cargo. Currently, there is no historical information about the wreck event, but we can tell you about what you will find at the site. This site is great for snorkeling or a shallow dive. This wreck is loaded with a variety of marine life including hard and soft corals, small tropical fish, large black groupers and a resident 300 LB Jewfish. The Windjammer site is a photographers dream.


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